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Life Changer Community Church offers residents in the greater Katy area the chance to come together and worship with like-minded people as members of a strong, loving community. Whether you’re looking for church to call home, a place to connect or reconnect spiritually, or simply want to stop in and see just what becoming a Life Changer is all about — LC3 welcomes you. Join our community, and start your journey to living a Life Changer Life with us!

Life Changer Katy, Tx


Our vision is to
Inform | Confirm | Display | Invite

Life Changer Community Church is a multi-generational family oriented place where like minded people are able to come together to love God, grow spiritually, and are inspired and equipped to change the world through Jesus!  We are a bible based church dedicated to spreading the word of God, and our goal is to inspire you to let Christ spark the change in you so that you can change in the lives of others. We invite you to become a part of worship experience and guarantee you'll want to live the Life Changer life!



Come Worship with Us! Sunday Mornings @ 10am

Join us for Bible Study Tuesday Nights @ 7:15pm

The LC3 Experience simply put… You never know what to expect in worship… from the music to the message. One thing is for sure… at some point during the worship experience - you will feel the presence of God in ways you didn’t know you would… It’s hard to brand…so we just call it THE LC3 Experience.
An experience of diversity where you will hear the spectrum of music from Chris Tomlin to William Murphy to the hymns of the church to Andre Crouch to Lecrae… and yes, all in one worship experience.
It is an experience where the sermon will be touched with drama. It is an experience where you come into the sanctuary in tiptoe anticipation of experiencing the Holy in ways that blows your mind.



There’s Always Something Going On!

At Life Changer Community Church, we believe that an active community is a productive community. We are in the business of building faith and empowering individuals through community outreach and service. Interested in getting involved, connecting with new people, inspiring change? Take a look at the many opportunities that we have to volunteer, and join in fun and exciting social events and gatherings. Check out all the latest events, and be a Life Changer!

If you need more information or to register for any of our up coming events Click Here!




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